Cocktail shaker and ice

Looking for some inspiration?

Fruitology gift bottles in three flavour

Each 75cl Fruitology bottle will take  around 60cl of spirit leaving just enough room for the magic to happen.      


Unsure what to do with the fruit?

Mix it in to a pavlova or blend it to make a heavenly coulis for your favourite dessert.                   

Strawberry Cooler

Strawberry mojito

If rum is your tipple add some to Strawberry Cooler for a strawberry mojito inspired taste. 

Berry Burst

Whisky or brandy and blackcurrant

Fancy a bit of a kick?  

Try whisky or brandy with Berry Burst for a warm and seductive mix.

Berry Blast

cranberry and rapberry mimosa

Add vodka or gin to Berry Blast then mix with some fizz for a mimosa which packs a punch. 

Find your own perfect pairing

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